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t we offer a large selection of in-stock Banjos from trusted names like Deering, Oscar Schmidt and Washburn. We understand that when shopping for a Banjo, most important for a musician is the quality of the instrument, accessibility of product information and satisfaction that comes from obtaining the best value.

All of our banjos have the wonderful tone and projection expected of high quality instruments; many of the models we sell are played by well-recognized musicians across musical genres. As an authorized and trusted Deering Banjo dealer, we stock several of the most popular models this brand has to offer from the affordable Goodtime Banjos to the ornate upper end banjo models with artistic touches a true banjo enthusiast can appreciate.

Our specialized focus on Banjos separates us from bulk music stores that are overwhelming with too many different instruments and chaotic navigation. As you comparison shop, you'll see that our quick product overview and click to enlarge pictures create an easy shopping experience. We constantly seek to improve our listings so you can quickly and easily ascertain the information you're seeking.

Additionally, we recognize that a great instrument is not the only element of a good performance. Quality accessories like cases, picks and tuning tools, ensure proper care and maintenance for performance after performance. Meanwhile our selection of books, info packets and posters can enhance your knowledge and skill as an emerging musician.

Our attention to quality does not end with providing world class instruments. We recognize that performers seek out those who understand the craft of good musicianship, so we employ musicians of our own as customer service representatives. This means that we can make genuinely informed recommendations and respond to questions adeptly. It also means that our knowledge extends beyond the average salesperson's; we understand what it means to be a musician, and can support the growth and development of players from all levels. In fact, in 2007 we were awarded the Outstanding Achievement by U.S. Music Corporation, an award that acknowledges our commitment to service and quality.

Finally, we are so confident in the value of our products, we have 110% price match guarantee - find any of our products advertised for less, and we will match that price plus 10% of the difference. At we always seek to honor the integrity of these fine instrument's quality, history and tradition.